Epic Meal Time: Maximum Protein Experience

Oh yeah baby get jacked with the Epic Meal Time crew as they create a massive protein bar for the gym. Protein based oatmeal, peanut butter, bacon, marshmallow fluff, ganache, nuts, baked up in a long pan and covered in copious amounts of chocolate sauce for a monster sized protein energy bar weighing in at 573g of protein and 8910 calories. Next up is the sandwich made from bacon, energy drink batter dipped deep fried seahorse protein, tuna steak, more bacon, and spicy Thai tuna. Then the boys took out the the blenders to make a pair of 912g protein, 10,500 calorie Happy Meal Bacon Protein Smoothies. Here’s the recipe: chicken nuggets in a blender, more bacon, protein powder, a cheeseburger Happy Meal in a blender. Blend. This meal is truly an epic protein experience at 2530g of protein (that’s equivalent to about 125 normal size protein bars). Looking jacked muscles glasses guy, looking jacked.


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