2011 New York City Pizza Run

Once a year an event comes along that challenges both the gastronomical and athleticism of the elite. This event is the New York City Pizza Run. This eating/running race combines a 2.25 mile run with 3 pitstops where the nearly 100 contestants must eat an entire slice of pizza at each one before continuing. The 2011 race was held last week at Tompkins Square Park.

The winner was 23 year old Peter O’Rourke (top photo at left). He had a time of 15 minutes and 24 seconds with no vomiting. Athletes could leave the pitstop areas once the entire slice was in their mouth (whether or not it’s a good strategy to run with food in your mouth is a mystery). Pizza was provide by Cer Te and it looks like it was really good:

Local gluttonous athlete Miriam Weiskind has a firsthand account on her site of her travails through this epic sporting event, which she won for the women’s side at just over 18 minutes. Prizes included a pizza stone and gift certificates to local pizza places. She’s also in this video report:

Well done pizza athletes, congrats to all.


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