Baby Back Rib Corn Muffin Cupcakes

Not since chocolate met peanut butter have such a pair of tasty foods been combined into one. It’s basically a cupcake on the bone- the rib gives you a nice handle to hold the corn muffin and soak up all the sauce. The basic concept is to first make your ribs however you’d like- marinade, dry rub, whatever. You can debone them halfway too unless you want a full meat handle (that’s what she said). Then mix up your favorite corn muffin batter, stick the ribs in a cupcake tin meat side down and bake.

When they’re done they should look like this:

Ain’t that savory sweet? Take them out, pipe on some toppings if you’d like, put a little paper hat on them if you’re too much of a priss to touch the rib bone with your bare fingers and enjoy:

You can do the same type of thing with any other boned meats. (via)


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