Epic Meal Time: Meat Car

Cars are awesome. Meat is awesome. Cars made of meat= epic. The Epic Meal Time crew is back with some new guy? and they’re making cars entirely out of meat. Here’s the play by play: Bacon slices, laid down in strips and sliced. Onion and salami wheels stacked. Bacon grease mashed potatoes, mashed. Ground beef meat carpet laid down for an inside out shepherd’s pie. Ground meat carpet topped with bacon then mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, all rolled up into a log of epicness, topped with a beer batter and deep fried. Then they’re covering the whole thing in candy paint and candy glitter.

It’s a relatively lightweight meal for the Canadians at a measly 23,266 calories and 1119g of fat. But the cool thing is that the cars actually roll! Speaking of rolling, let’s roll the videotape:



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