French Fry Lip Balm: Highly Kissable

Yes! This is by FAR the best lip protection product on the market today. French Fry Lip Balm is like a drive-thru for your lips. Got a hankering for the taste of delicious french fried potatoes but no way to get the necessary life-giving saturated fat delivery system in a vegetable to your mouth? No problem, just smear on some French Fry Lip Balm and get a quick fix. We’re a bit unsure what would happen if you actually ate french fries while wearing this flavored chap-stick but you can be sure it’s high up on the Gluttoner official list of things we need to research*.

*don’t even think about asking to see it, it’s a highly classified document not suitable for public consumption^
^because it’s in my head only**
**third level nested footnote? yep!


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