Mustache Cake Mold and Cake

Looking to make a mustache cake? We’ve all wanted one at some point, right? It’s not a problem if you had a Mustache Cake Mold. Since it’s made of silicone, you can use it for jello ‘staches, cake ‘staches, ice ‘staches, bread ‘staches, whatever kind of mustache you want. Of course you don’t need a mold to make a mustache cake as our dear facial hair fanatic friends at Stachist found out. Check out this mustache cake:

That’s great but what does this mustache look like when you’re shoving it all up in your pie hole? Yum (velvet, vanilla and chocolate cake with vanilla frosting in between the layers and homemade Giridelli chocolate on the outside). I’d give that mustache cake a ride any day.


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