10 Awesome Jersey Shore Themed Desserts

We’re going all GTL for you guys today (Gluttoner, Tan, Laundry), bringing you ten awesome MTV’s Jersey Shore dessert items. Starting off with the fist pump cake above. If that doesn’t get you pumped up, how about this DJ Pauly D mixer and turntables cakes that the man himself is loving:

Everybody (sorta) loves Snooki, especially Snooki. So it’s appropriate that Snooki got a Snooki cake for her 23rd birthday. No word on whether or not Snooki got to eat the Snooki cake poof.

Next we have JWoww and her book cake (JWoww has a book?!) made for her masterpiece entitled The Rules According to JWOWW: Shore-Tested Secrets on Landing a Mint Guy, Staying Fresh to Death, and Kicking the Competition to the Curb:

If that doesn’t get your fist pumpin‘, nothing will.

Not sure how to fist pump? These cupcakes give you the guide (finally I can say with all seriousness, “don’t JWoww’s boobs look delicious?”):

If you need a little help to get that Jersey Shore groove going, there’s the DJ Pauly D cupcake set:

Just make sure you don’t bring home any grenades, right Sitch?

If you can’t find any action at the clubs, use the duck phone to find some ladies who are DTF before you do a little GTL:

Lastly we have Mike “The Situation” with an abs cake that can only be described as quite the tasty situation:


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