DIY Sous Vide Immersion Cooker

Do you feel lucky punk? Lucky enough to tempt your fate by cooking your food at super low temperatures for long periods of time while using a device you made yourself? A device, might I remind you, that involves both electricity and water. Well ok then, here’s the plans. Keep in mind the plans involve steps like

“Insert the PT100 thermocouple into its hole in the enclosure and secure with hot glue. Connect its red lead to the controller’s #10 pin, its blue lead to the #11 pin, and the yellow lead to the #12 pin.”

Yep that says glue. What could possibly go wrong?

Personally I think Elmer’s glue has a better taste and is less calories. And this is step #16 but really shouldn’t it be #1?

120V AC current is dangerous and misuse can injure or kill. Seek the assistance of a qualified electrician if needed.

Talk about food to die for. Well if you’re completed your own homemade immersion cooker then you’re ready to add the meat and cook it up Richard Blais style:

Doesn’t that look…uhm… raw? I think I’ll just buy one at Amazon instead, thank you very much.


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