Extreme Mountaintop Pizza Delivery

You think your long driveway or big set of stairs makes for an extreme pizza delivery? That’s nothing. How about getting a pizza sent up to the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. The 6288 foot tall Mt. Washington is known for having some of the worst weather on Earth- the highest wind speed ever recorded anywhere was here: 231mph and it’s gotten as cold as -47 degree F. So to deliver the Rustic Crust pizza in the winter required a Bombardier Snow Cat shown above to drive the 8 miles up the snow covered mountain.

Now technically it wasn’t a true pizza delivery since they had to bring the ingredients and make the pizza in the Mount Washington Observatory at the top due to the cold and how long it takes to reach the peak (1.5 hours). But it’s pretty darn extreme so we’ll give them credit. Watch the interesting 13 minute video, which goes quite a bit into how they filmed the trek up there:

I hope they gave them a big tip for delivery. More info on the journey here.


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