Five Weird Foods Depicting the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton as represented in a few unusual food items. Sure anyone can slap a Union Jack on a cupcake and call it a Royal Wedding cupcake but how about a Papa John’s pizza with the toppings arranged in a portrait of the couple (above)? Yep. Kate’s rocking a mushroom veil, cheese dress, olive hair while the Prince has a salami and pepper suit. (via)

Of course you could just do it the easy way and slap a photo of William and Kate onto a normal cake you already had. But you wouldn’t do that, right? Oh wait…. (credit)

Now technically there’s really nothing wrong with these next ones. They are simple pies with the royal bride and groom’s initials on them and they probably taste pretty damn good. BUT BUT BUT they are whoopie pies. And that makes them William and Kate Whoopie Pies. And whoopie is the last thing I want to think about when I see Prince William (no offense but he takes after his father in the looks department a bit). (source)

William and Kate mini-cakes. These look pretty neat except for the cartoon depiction Prince William with the ginormous bucked tooth. He kinda looks like a royal beaver. Which I guess is ok since it distracts you from Kate’s chipmunk cheeks. (via)

And finally the William and Kate fondue portrait. All parts are made of fondue dipping foods- mostly veggies but Kate’s got meat hair- yum. (image source)


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