Why Are Doritos Corners Rounded?

Ever notice how Doritos have rounded corners? It wasn’t always that way. Back when they first came out in 1964 the triangular chips had nice pointy corners. And the chip remained unchanged until 1995. After a $50 million market research study, Doritos decided to make the chips 20% larger and have rounded corners. But why? The official statement claims that there’s less broken chips and scrap at the bottom of each bag of Doritos with rounded corners. But Wig and Pen claims that during a tour of the Doritos plant during that time period, an employee stated off the record that it was to eliminate any potential lawsuits due to injury from the sharp nacho chip corners. Which is it? Likely a combination of both but one thing is for certain- without rounded corners we wouldn’t be able to have such lovely things as this without injury- a Doritos bath:

Well ain’t that a slice of heaven?! Thank goodness for rounded Doritos- think of this poor girl otherwise! The more you know… (photo via)


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