The Hoffsicle: David Hasselhoff Ice Pop

Knight Rider legend, Baywatch hunk, German pop star, and judge on both America and Britain’s Got Talent is now available in the lickable form- the Hoffsicle. Although some might argue that he’s always been lickable, and just writing that sentence has me feeling a bit nauseated, so we’re gonna go ahead and call this a diet aid. Created by Del Monte Iced Refreshments to defile celebrate National Ice Cream Month, the Hoffsicle is a raspberry-flavored frozen treat that’s a pure refreshing delight in your mouth just like the real Hoff. And again my appetite is lessening.

Video of David Hasselhoff posing with and eating the popsicle form of himself? Yep:

Seriously that’s just gross. Don’t hassle the hoff(sicle).

via agent bedhead


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