Coffee Scoop and Sealer

Here at Gluttoner Corporate Headquarters we are really freakin’ lazy and not afraid to admit it. When we have one of our many assistants go fetch us some coffee from the luxurious 7th floor break room, we don’t want to have to tell them get both a spoon and a bag clip. We want to keep our instructions minimal so we can use more time to screw around on the Gluttoner Facebook page and play Angry Birds. Additionally we can save our voice for yelling at them later when we blame all of our own personal failures on them and send them home crying again. So this Kapu combo coffee scoop and sealer is just what our assistants need to keep us optimally fueled for game playing and social networking. $26 so you don’t have to take out a spoon or scoop every time you make coffee; priceless.


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